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Dr. Michael A. Cramer is the founder of the Power for Living Ministry.  Mike has also served as Senior Pastor of New Life Church for over three decades.  He encourages people from all walks of life with his motivational speaking, inspirational books, radio broadcast, online sermons, and pastoral ministry.  Mike is richly blessed to have his beautiful and loving wife, Cindi, at his side.  While they enjoy life together, they are certainly no strangers to sorrow. As parents, they have faced the agonizing pain of losing their twenty-eight year old son, Joseph.  As ministry partners, they have walked through the valley of grief with countless hurting families. They have the credibility and compassion to comfort the walking wounded. With the loving support of Cindi, Dr. Mike Cramer wrote from the depth of his soul to offer: Hope for the Heavy Heart.


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Hope for the Heavy Heart

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